Facebook changed the goal post!

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Do you wonder why your friends or fans are not engaging with you as much as they used to. That’s mainly because they don’t see your posts as much as they used to now that Facebook has altered the algorithm…it basically means that if people don’t like or comment or share your stuff, your posts will drop off their news feed altogether. If you’re like my boyfriend who is a bit Facebook shy…he appreciates reading posts but rarely comments or likes…eventually he’ll have very few posts show up on his news feeds even tho his friends are posting. This is even worse for businesses who need their posts to show up on their fans news feeds.

There are work arounds for businesses. You need edge rank.  Competitions and offers that encourage comments are one way. Viral offers are our specialty here at Local Internet Marketing. Variety in posting is another i.e. don’t show photos ALL the time, mix it up with text only, a question or fill in the blank will encourage people to comment. Asking your fans to pop your page in their ‘interest lists” also has merit.

This a good article here  explaining edge rank and offers suggestions about what you can do. Interestingly, she mentions nothing about using contests and offers to get edge rank. We constantly get edge rank for our clients by using offers that go viral on Facebook.

Like it or not, Facebook is a necessary part of marketing. It can be a great vehicle for your campaigns when run in conjunction with ‘promote this post’. Besides which, you need social media platforms more than ever to get your website ranked highly by Google…their new algorithm means that if you don’t actively use social media platforms as part of your SEO, you won’t get on that important first page of Google searches.

Feel free to contact us for advice. 30 minute consultation is free. We will analyze your current social media platforms and discuss ways of improving it…without charge.

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