How To Market Your Restaurant With This New “Secret” Power!

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Building relationships is your number one priority. This manifests as word of mouth marketing on steroids. Though ALL aspects of your business are important, try this mantra for a while to instill the importance of building relationships… “I am not in the business of selling food, I am not in the business of running a restaurant, I am not in the business of serving more customers, I am not in the business of managing employees and I am not in the business of finding ways to make more money. I am in the business of BUILDING RELATIONSHIPS”.

Now what Social Media, the internet and smart phones have done for brand loyalty in the current marketplace is no less than power them with nuclear energy. You need to take advantage of this power with your own restaurant business and restaurant marketing plan.

What one Social Media expert has discovered during his research on the effects it has on consumers was amazing. He discovered that the aggregation of information and endorsement, can be as effective on a consumers decision to buy something as the original producer of the product. In other words a group of friends on Facebook raving about a new product has just as much and sometimes more of an impact on the readers decision on whether or not to buy something as the producer of the product who spent millions of dollars on an ad campaign.

This whole Social media frenzy began a few years back when eBay and Amazon discovered that the products being reviewed by consumers on their respective sites were out selling the products that big companies were spending big bucks on advertising. Can you begin to see now and feel excited about what this could do for your restaurant business in the future?

Do you like the thought of posting a comment on Facebook or sending a tweet out on twitter ? for free ? versus writing a radio station a check for $5000.00 and hoping that this old spray and pray method works? You know what I mean, paying big dollars for ads that you hope reach your target audience. There is not another vehicle for marketing like social media that can pinpoint and target your specific audience as accurately as social media ? and all for pennies on the dollar compared to conventional marketing.

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