Small Business Market Strategies

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Small business market strategies are vital in the marketplace today. As an owner of a small business you need to ask yourself two questions.

How am I currently marketing to get new customers?

How is that working out for me?

Marketing is NOT an option for businesses. Unless you have a monolpoly, you can’t survive without marketing over time. The question is: Is your marketing an expense or is it an investment? If it’s an expense, you’re marketing the wrong way. If it’s an investment, you’re doing it right. That is, if you put $1.00 in and are getting $1.10, you’re doing it right. If you put $1.00 in and are only getting .80c out, then you need to do something

Chances are, if you have a business in todays economy, you are starting to look for innovative ways to get customers through your door.

You have noticed that traditional marketing doesn’t have the success it used to.

You know you need to get savvy with small business marketing strategies but don’t know which ones?

You are discovering that you are not getting the returns on your advertising investment that you once did.

You’re not even sure how to track your current advertising promotions’ success.

You know you need an online presence but that thought makes your eyes glaze over and your brain turn to jelly.

You know you need to get in front of the eyes that are searching for your product in your local area. And you’re overwhelmed.

Smart phones abound, getting tapped by people on the go, needing answers. Where to eat, what to buy, who does hair?

You know you need to be the business that people are talking about on Facebook. The business that people are searching for.

And you are nowhere to be found!

For small business market strategies, read my Small Business Survival Kit Ebook. It’s free. A light will go on and you will be clear about what needs to be put into place for you to get found when they search! Click on ‘yes please, I want my book’ in the side bar.

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